Matthias Breitbach
T: +49 345 47 80 502

Color-Grading Studio

We can offer you two studios for video postproduction. The smaller one is our Color-Grading Studio, which is located next to the Mixing Stage. The Studio is equipped with a Barco DP4K-P postproduction projector and 20 comfortable cinema seats for presentations.

Key Data of the Color-Grading Studio:

  • Studio size: ca. 74m²
  • Screen size: 18,8m² (5,9m x 3,2m)
  • Qube XP-I DCP Server
  • Barco DP4K-P – 4K digital postproduction projector, incl. Qube 3G Quad Xi IMB
  • Blackmagic HyperDeck Studio Pro – Multiformat Video System

360-degree Panorama from the Color-Grading Studio

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